Sunday, 24 January 2010

Birthday Cards

I wanted to make a special card for my step-daughter's 15th birthday. She's not like any regular 15 year old girl I know as she loves dinosaurs! I scoured the internet for a colouring page of a dinosaur and found this, a dinosaur stealing a birthday cake. Couldn't really do anything else once I had found that one! Printed the image off to the right size on premium paper and set to work with my watercolour paints. I had forgotten what fun painting can be! Haven't done any for years, not since leaving school anyway so it was quite refreshing to be able to add one of my old pastimes into my new hobby. Shannon was impressed with end result and thought it might be awesome if this did happen in real life. Apart from the fact that dinosaurs are instinct and would probably eat us for dessert after the cake, I had to agree with her XD

This card idea grew out of nowhere from a search for something which I could paint in lilac, the recipients favourite colour. She turned 13 on 1st January and as her mum and nan both like making cards too, I decided to push the boat out. I used the card as a demonstration to my daughter as to how little paint you need when using watercolours (in this case a tiny spot of purple which didn't even get all used up) and a couple of embellishments from stock.

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  1. Adding a comment to this one myself. I spoke too soon, the lilac paint is now no more after an accident with the water pot caused by my ruddy kitten! If she's not spilling it, she's drinking it!