Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Not posted for a while but as I'm sure you can guess I have been busy crafting, well where I have been able to fit it in looking after the kids!

Been lucky lately as the baby has been fairly settled in the evenings and I have been able to get a bit done. I've done more decopatching and have covered a heart to match the mirror. All that is stopping me from covering more stuff at the moment is lack of papers. I have been attacking a little IKEA Lack table with some recycled wrapping paper too, seems to work pretty well on a flat surface, but not sure how well it would do on anything more shaped. Oh and I have been using watered down PVA too which is a lot cheaper than buying the decopatch glues. Can't really tell much difference either except the dearer one seems more glossy on the finished item than the cheaper one, so might save that for the glaze coat and do the covering with the cheaper glue.

Here's the heart I covered. It's going to go up in our bedroom over the bed. Awwwwww lol

About a year ago, my best mate Mandy had a clear out and decided she was going to stop making cards and gave me a load of bits and bobs she no longer needed, so whenever she needs a card making now, she comes here and I make it for her. I don't mind this at all, in fact I love it as it gives me an excuse to make more cards! First on the list the other day was a birthday card for her new boyfriend's sister. Always hard making a card for someone you have never met, especially hard when she hadn't met her either! It was going to be given at a family meal out where she was meeting the family for the first time too, so had to make sure it was a good one! Worked on a hot pink theme, decided to use a clear, gold edged peel-off of a bodice and stuck that to a swirly background paper, cut that out, punched the holes out and laced it onto the card with some thin purple satin ribbon. Well it saved on glue...