Sunday, 31 January 2010


I have seen items done in this style in the past, but never known how to go about doing it. I went to the craft show in Manchester today and there was a stall there selling the papers and glues to do it with and also demonstrating how to do it. Boy, have I been hauled in on this one!
About 4 years ago, I bought the mirror shown above for £3 in a second hand furniture shop. It was a tatty looking circular one to go on a dressing table and I had planned to 'do something' with it. Well 2 babies happened and a house move and it never got done, just remained looking shabby in my bedroom. So I decided to buy the papers I liked to transform it, see below...
Only took a couple of hours and I am pretty pleased with the result and am trying to decide what I can attack next! You can jazz up pretty much anything, furniture, bottles, boxes etc. Once I get hold of some more papers, nothing will be safe :-)

Here are a couple of close-ups so you can see the effect better. Looks a bit dark round the edges, but that's just because I used the flash and it was close to a mirror so obviously a bit of flashback occurred.
You can see in the first one the little bits of frame showing through underneath which are now covered.

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  1. How creative you are! Love your creations and that red really rocks!