Wednesday, 29 September 2010

A helping hand

The very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common. Instead of altering their views to fit the facts, they alter the facts to fit their views...which can be very uncomfortable if you happen to be one of the facts that needs altering. - quotation from Doctor Who

al·ter  (ôltr)
v. al·tered, al·ter·ing, al·ters
1. To change or make different; modify: altered my will.
2. To adjust (a garment) for a better fit.
3. To castrate or spay (an animal, such as a cat or a dog).
 To change or become different.
Well much as it amused me to see the definition of alter described in the terms of the castration of an animal, I didn't really think it quite appropriate to use for my project (besides I don't have any furry pom-poms ;) So I shall use 1.
I have been into decopatch for a fair few months now, and find it is the perfect medium to alter an item.  My friend Mandy had made a mould of her hand from plaster of paris ages ago to keep her rings on and in my search for something to alter, I talked her into letting me get my hands on it (no pun intended lol).
Mandy likes animal prints, but I didn't want to make this too jungley so I just used some tiger-striped paper I had.  Because you use at least 4 different patterned papers when you cover something, it really doesn't use up much paper at all.  And I love it.  So far I have altered a mirror and a papermache heart to match each other to go in my bedroom and will one day get them actually into my bedroom when I have moved my baby son into his own bedroom as he currently occupies the area in front of my dressing table.  The mirror currently resides in the kitchen.  Sits on top of the hob when not in use which may sound a strange place to keep a mirror, but it sure comes in handy for putting make-up on due to the hob light lol

Anyway, the hand is now sufficiently altered and the plus side of the decopatch glue is that it puts a nice hardwearing glaze onto the item so it should be pretty resilient now :)

Close-up showing it in use as a ring-holder

 Makes me think of The Addams family in this one lol

I am entering this into the following challenges:

The Stampman Challenges - Altered


  1. Oh wow Sarah I love your altered hand, its simply fab. x

  2. Well done you, I've not tryed any thing 3D YET and I love your hand wonder what she's pointing too ?

  3. im half expecting this to start walking off screen like hand in the addams family lol! seen this in the flesh and youve done a fantastic job with it :)

    Thank You for playing The Stampman altered challenge x