Saturday, 16 October 2010

Devil of a time with The Stampman

I spent a lovely day up in Skipton today at The Stampman.  Had a fantastic day.  Came home to play with some of my stash and used some of my starburst stains to do some paper using the scrunch technique and was showing my darling OH how it is done.  Opened up the scrunched piece of paper to show him the effect and was like OMG!  I could see a devil in it.  Please look and tell me I'm not going mad!

Should I be scared?


  1. Oh, there is definitely someone there Sarah! YES!!! I think it is the triangle winged eyes, eeek he has got beady eyes, a nose, a mouth and a pointy beard! How did that happen? He looks really fierce and firey (if that's a word), he will make a great halloween card!!!

    Glad to hear you've got stuck in with your Moonshadow ink straight away.

    Thanks for coming over today, I'm really pleased that you enjoyed it.

    Jill x

  2. Hi Sarah
    It was lovely to meet and chat with you and looking at your fab make....
    Horns - check
    Dark big eyes - check
    Flared pointy nose - check
    Pointy chin - check

    YES, terrific bit of crafting, congratulations!
    (Hmmm, just described my morning reflection..!)

    It is fabulous, have fun !
    Susan x

  3. Wow Susan yes def a devil there ! Lovely to meet you on Saturday and glad you had a messy time too x Janet

  4. Hehe I would have framed him as he was and put him in Marcus' room :)

  5. I can see what you mean Sarah, but actually I see the old caped crusader himself Batman!